Our three favourite slopes in Lech

Lech am Arlberg is a ski paradise for families. There is something for every level of skier in our beautiful ski resort. The kids have a variety of blue slopes that they can do, and for the more experienced parents and young adults there are fun red slopes or ski routes.


Ski Arlberg is the biggest ski region in Austria. Lech is connected with Oberlech, Zürs, Warth, Schröcken, St. Anton, St. Christoph and Stuben.

We’ve made a selection of our 3 favourite runs around Lech and Zürs for 3 different levels of skiing.

For the beginners, we recommend going to Weibermahd. This is normally where we take the ski kids after they’ve been in kid’s land. It’s a relatively short and wide slope that is not steep. It’s also perfect for practicing long turns.

How to get there? Take the Petersboden lift up and get out on the right side, you’ll pass by the Wolf ski hut, continue straight and then you’re on Weibermahd.

For the intermediates, we like Rotschrofen. The Rotschrofen is a 2 seater lift, and when you get to the top, you have a blue slope and a red slope. Both should be okay to do for intermediates. The slopes are quite long and have beautiful scenery. They’re one of the first ones that are in the sun in the morning.

As an alternative for stronger intermediates, we like the ski route Zuger Tobel. It brings you from Lech to Zug. This is also a beautiful path. Keep in mind though, that this is officially a ski route.

Experienced skiers will have a lot of fun at Zürser Täli. This one is located in Zürs after you take the Muggengrat ski lift up. It is one of the most beautiful ones in my opinion. The rocks are very impressive when you enter the ski run. It’s a long red slope that brings you back to the beginning of the village of Zürs, passing by the Flexenhäusl.

The Langer Zug is also always a favourite for experienced skiers, as it’s one of the steepest slopes in the world, with an 80% gradient during a part of the ski route. It was closed until now this winter season, but it's opening in a few days! This ski route brings you back to Schlosskopf, and then back into Lech.

We hope this gives you some inspiration for fun and suitable runs to do for you and your family.

Many greetings,