5 reasons why spring skiing is great in Oberlech

The village of Oberlech is located at 1750 m and the highest ski lifts and slopes go up to 2800 m. It’s one of the highest ski resorts in Austria, meaning it’s relatively snow safe well into the spring months. There are many reasons why we love spring skiing, we’ll share 5 of them with you:

  1. Long, sunny days. The days are longer and filled with lots of sunshine. It’s perfect for people who enjoy skiing for a few hours in the morning, and having a long lunch on a sun terrace. 

  2. Firn snow. We’re a big fan of skiing in firn snow. It’s perfect to improve your improving your skiing technique. The snow will get a little slushy in the afternoon, so if you prefer perfect snow conditions, we recommend heading on to the slopes with one of the first ski lifts. If you’re going off-piste, make sure that you are well prepared. Check the avalanche danger levels, bring all the necessary equipment and book a ski guide if you prefer to go with a professional.

  3. It’s less busy. On top of perfect weather conditions, there are way less skiers in the ski resort. Most people are bound to school holidays, and don’t have time towards the end of the season. So if you’re unsure where to spend your Easter holidays, we would definitely suggest coming to Oberlech. The season in Lech Zürs lasts until the 24th of April.

  4. Better weather. This is especially great for the little children that are learning how to ski. As the temperatures are so pleasant, they won’t need layers and layers of ski clothing. It makes learning the sport a lot more fun for kids. They’ll enjoy it more and learn quicker. For adults, warmer temperatures are very desirable as well. You can leave your long johns (thermals) at home.

  5. Last but not least, the atmosphere in the ski resort is always great around this time of the year. The sun is out, there is live music and people are enjoying being outdoors. People are excited that the days are longer and that you can spend more time outdoors again, you can really feel this in the atmosphere in the resort.

In other words, it’s the perfect time of the year to visit Oberlech and to teach your children how to ski. The weather is beautiful and the conditions are great. You can book your ski courses online for the Easter holidays here

Looking forward to see you soon for some spring skiing.

Many greetings, Lonnie.