The White Ring - The Race.

Tomorrow is the big day. The day that many look forward to year in, year out. The White Ring Race is taking place on in the 15th of January. This legendary race takes place every year. There are around 1000 people who do this race. This year counts the 16th time that The White Ring race is taking place.

What makes this race so special? The scenery is absolutely gorgeous. We all know and love the White Ring. With 22 km, it is one of the longest ski races in the entire world.

The race took place in 2006 for the first time as a celebration for the 50th anniversary of Ski Arlberg. At this time it was the connection between Lech, Zürs, Zug and Oberlech. Since then, it has become a yearly event and an important part of Arlberg history.

The race is great because of the atmosphere in the village. There are many pro skiers who do the race, but people are also welcome to sign up as an amateur racer. Many people watch the race from the sidelines to support the skiers. Guests often come especially for this weekend, to watch or participate in the White Ring race.

The race starts at the Rüfikopf. There are 5 lifts that are taken during the race and 5 downhill runs. And very significant, the Madloch ski route. The time of the Madloch is not measured this year because of snow conditions. This means that everyone will get the same added amount of time, and people can ski it more carefully at a slower pace. The fastest racers normally complete the race in around 45 minutes for men, and 48 minutes for the women.

Did you know that The White Ring race was mentioned in the Guinness World Book of records? In 2009, it was listed in this legendary book as the longest ski race in the world.

In 2020 and 2021 the race didn't take place. That makes this year extra special. We have all been waiting in anticipation for this amazing race to take place again.

Sepp Bildstein is seen as the “father” of the white ring, and a trophy is dedicated to him. The team that races the 22 kilometres the fastest, receives the Bildstein Trophy.

We are incredibly excited about the race tomorrow. If you’re not in Lech, but you would still like to watch it, you can watch a livestream on The White Ring homepage.

Many greetings from Lonnie.

Copyright picture: Der Weiße Ring, Christoph Schöch Photography GmbH - Lech Zürs Tourismus.