Ski level

We recommend everyone to wear helmet, gloves, sunglasses and sun cream. Please do not forget your lift card!


  • in all snow conditions

  • on all steep slopes

  • and in open country

  • on day tours

  • on mogul slopes, slalom and

  • in the fun park

We are familiar with the 10 FIS rules.


  • control parallel skis

  • ski short radii

  • ski on mogul slopes

  • ski with mountain ski technique

  • ski on ski runs

  • ski in soft powder snow

  • deal with the safety equipment


  • already slide sideways

  • control the skis parallel

  • ski long curves

  • jump over small jumps

  • hockey stop

  • change rhythm between long and short radii


  • brake safely

  • snow plough safely

  • diagonal ski in snow plough

  • diagnoal ski parallel

  • also ski with sticks

  • also ski red slopes


  • put on and take off my skis

  • stand up on my own

  • schuss ski

  • brake

  • turn

  • duck step and do step turn